Holistic Kinesiology




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Holistic Kinesiology is an effective and non-intrusive, hands-on therapy that uses a wide range of powerful techniques and corrections to help bring you structurally, nutritionally, energetically and mentally back into balance.  

Muscle responses from a series of gentle tests can reveal, for example, nutritional imbalances, toxic build up, postural misalignments, sensitivities and even negative thought patterns.  It can also then pin-point the nature of a specific problem, determine your body’s needs and the appropriate treatment or correction to be given.  

This can help with an array of issues and health problems: aches and pains; emotions and stress; learning difficulties; digestive problems; skin complaints or future worries. Some of the treatment techniques used include postural alignment, lymphatic work, detoxifying, de-stressing and emotional stress release. 

Holistic Kinesiologists have exceptional, wide-ranging skills. They listen closely to what you say and what your body needs and adapt a whole range of therapies and remedies to suit your uniqueness.