Holistic Kinesiology



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Continuing Professional Development Courses



The School of Holistic Kinesiology offers courses for practitioners to continue their development in Kinesiology. Some of the courses are appropriate also for non-kinesiologists. We run also short one-off workshops and the dates will appear on this site, so keep checking!

Human Ecology Balancing System (HEBS)

HEBS is a comprehensive routine for working with ALLERGIES AND CANDIDA, which also affect BRAIN INTEGRATION.
Taught by Christina Damerell, in Edinburgh
Recognised for Kinesiology based CPD

Call 0131 261 5279 or write to Christina Damerell, 11 Pilrig Gardens, Edinburgh, EH6 5AZ to book or get more info.


Mentoring Group for Professionals

Mentoring is ongoing and usually runs from 10am to 5 pm at Christina Damerell's house in Edinburgh. We have a shared lunch and coffee/tea breaks. Contact Christina Damerell if you would like to join the group or are looking for individual sessions.