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The Holistic Kinesiology courses were developed to provide training in an individualised, personal and nurturing way which is crucial to learning and growth. 

Classes are kept small to ensure personal attention and in-depth exploration of the subject.  The syllabus is comprehensive and thorough, the pace is varied with a good mix of hands on practice and an atmosphere that aims to be relaxed and down to earth. 

Perhaps the most valuable result of the Holistic approach is that learning styles, problems and individual issues of group members are addressed within a safe, supportive environment, so that students can develop their own unique strengths and creativity to become well-rounded practitioners.

The courses are recognised by the Kinesiology Federation, the UKs national professional association of Kinesiologists.

Foundation Course

This Holistic Foundation Kinesiology Course provides a thorough introduction to Kinesiology. It is an ideal course for anyone who wishes to learn how to help themselves, family and friends, those wanting to become professional Kinesiologists and existing therapists wanting to add to their skills. 

Over the 5 weekends you master the 42 muscles and also correction and balancing techniques like reflex points, meridians, nutrition, physical exercises and emotional clearing.  Our reference materials are The Touch for Health manual and the Holistic Foundation manual. 

No prior experience is necessary to benefit from these hands-on classes, which are informal, relaxed, and combine a generous mix of demonstration, practice, theory and background. 

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Muscle testing course

Professional Level: Holistic Tracker Professional Qualification

We look forward very much to working and sharing with you!

Advanced Professional Level Training

This is open to anyone who has completed a professional training in Kinesiology and wish to train further to enhance their skills, learn new ways of working / thinking and build on their own personal growth.  The course explores subjects in greater depth and breadth and requires participants to carry out an in depth study project. 

Courses in Finland

The organisation of Holistic Kinesiology courses in Finland is rather different, but the approach, the materials, the ethics and standards are the same.  All the materials are available in Finnish or English.  

Summer, residential courses are held in delightful, rural surroundings, where the shared laughter, sunshine, swimming and saunas give extra sparkle to an enjoyable learning experience.  People return year after year just because they like it so much.

British participants have also loved it plenty of English is spoken and you get a true taste of Finnish life.


For all information about the Finnish courses, contact: Suomen kinesiologiayhdistus ry. Their web page opens here www.kinesiologia.fi


Basic Trainings: non-residential courses with Finnish teachers at various times. 

Summer residential courses taught in English at various levels with translation.