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In 2004, the Holistic Kinesiology professional training was

  • validated by Aileen Whiteford, MSc(Ed), DipEd., RN, RNT, (a respected nurse- tutor, counsellor   and senior Bates Practitioner)

  • accredited by the Association of Natural Medicine and

  • recognised by the UK’s national Kinesiology Federation

        In Finland, Holistic Kinesiology courses are

  • moderated by Professori Emeritus Liisa Lautamatti (a consultant to national academic training establishments and also a skilled kinesiologist) and

  • recognised by the Finnish national professional body, Suomen Kinesiologiayhdistus ry

Christina Damerell

 - Principal of the Holistic Kinesiology School

Christina is one of the UK’s most innovative and experienced Kinesiologists.  She is a qualified teacher and has been a professional member of the Kinesiology Federation since its inception.

Christina started her career in the complementary therapy field in about 1980, doing antenatal teaching for the National Childbirth Trust.

In later years she qualified to practise therapeutic massage, reflexology, and therapeutic touch whilst living in the United States. 

On her return to Scotland she became certified in Shen and Counselling.  She trained in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Transpersonal Development and pursued other valuable alternative approaches, including The Journey, Fountain International’s energetic research and HANDLE (the Holistic Approach to NeuroDevelopment and Learning Efficiency).

In Kinesiology, her training was at the professional level in Applied Kinesiology, Life Care, Creative Kinesiology (which she also now teaches), Neural Organisation Technique, Human Ecology Sciences and Contact Reflex Analysis.  She has also taken other Kinesiology courses, too numerous to mention.

Christina’s Innovations

Apart from working in a highly creative and flexible way, both as a teacher and a therapist, Christina researched and developed The Hologram Balance, a new and comprehensive system for use during Kinesiology sessions.

This material is taught during Holistic Kinesiology trainings and is available to other Kinesiologists as valuable Continuing Professional Development training.